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Optics Technology
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Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic Polarimeter
Measurement Range 45° ~ +45°
Accuracy ±0.02°
Light Source   Sodium lamp
Optical Wavelengths   589.44nm
Stable Time   5 minutes
Tube Length   up to 200mm
Power Requirements 220VAC/50Hz

Automatic polarimeter is the basic scientific instrument used to measure angle of rotation, specific optical rotation of optically active substance, built in auto controlling system and displays the optical rotation directly within a short duration as soon as the sample filled tube in placed.


Polarimeter is a reliable instrument for accurate measurement of Optical Rotations, for study of Polarisation effects and for quick and easy discrimination between right-handed sugars such as Dextrose and left handed sugar such as laevulose. The instruments find use in industries as well as in Colleges and Universities. The Polarimeter essentially consists of a pair of polarisers arrange in a straight line, one of which (analyzer) can be rotated with respect to the other (polariser) and the rotation measured on a divided circle. The circular scales are finely marked on a 10cm diameter circle both in angular measure and in International Sugar Scale. The smallest division on angular scale is 1° ISS. The Sugar Scale is calibrated between -30° (for Laboratory substances) and +130° ISS. The Scale is properly illuminated to facilitate reading.

• Maximum Length of tubes which this model can take is 400mm; smaller tubes can also be used.
• The tubes supplied have a bubble trap.
• Polaroid Sheets used for polarishing the incident light.
• Glass circular scale finely marked in angular degrees and also in ISS degrees. The range on ISS Scale is from -30° to   +130°.
• Permanent focus: Once the dividing line is focused for the eye. The focus is not disturbed by inserting tubes containing solutions, regardless of the nature of solution or of the length of the tube.
• Permanent good definition even with difficult liquids.
• Rotating half shadow Effect.
• Provision for attaching lamp to the instrument thus keeping alignment correct at all times.

Optics Technology

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