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Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet

Applications include isolation and identification of plant/human pathogens, work in virology, tissue culture, sterility testing and recombinant DNA research.
This Biohazard Cabinet offers operator protection from low to moderate risk biological agents (or chemical carcinogens(, while providing a sterile work environment for the procedure.
The cabinet is kept under negative pressure with partial quantity of re-circulated air exhausted through a HEPA filter. External exhaust from the laboratory is optional.
Specially suited for wet processing, water fab, chemical work, critical biological work involving virus and pathogens & for microbiology, biochemistry etc.

Perforated Working table of S. S. 304
• HEPA of 0.3ยต of an efficiency of 99.97% down to .3ยต   media is of glass fiber & made of pleates back & frow   made of aluminium foil& packed in a anodized  aluminum   frame.
•  Pre filter of dry fiber washable type with the frame.
•  Air Flow: 70% Recirculation & 30% Exhaust.
•  Confirm International Standard ISO-14644-1.
•  Statically Balanced motor blower Assembly ( Heavy Duty)
•  Velocity at the output of HEPA is 90 + 20 FPM
•  Noise level is very low
•  Static pressure Manometer.
•  Transparent Front Door
•  Vibration is also very low.
•  Normal working fluorescent Light.
•  U. V. Light 1 x 15 watts.
•  Front Door of Acrylic Sheet (Transparent)
•  Gas cock.

AIR FLOW : 70% of the air is recirculated back into the work area and 30% of the air is HEPA filtered and exhausted out to the environment via a dedicated duct without mixing with the recirculated air.

Outer Body : (Wooden / Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated / S.S. 304)

Working Area Size (In Ft.)
2โ€™ X 2โ€™ X 2โ€™
3โ€™ X 2โ€™ X 2โ€™
4โ€™ X 2โ€™ X 2โ€™
6โ€™ X 2โ€™ X 2โ€™
8' X 2' X 2'
•  Virus Burnout System
•  H.E.P.A Filter in Exhaust
•  Magnehelic Gauge
•  Digital Manometer
•  Glove port (Without Gloves)
•  Automatic Motorized Front Door Lifting Arrangement
•  U.V. Resistant Poly Carbonate Sheet in Place of Acrylic Sheet
•  LCD display with soft touch switches for Motor, U.V. Light, F.V. Light and U.V. Timer

•  Microprocessor based Touch Screen display system with special features like

Display of velocity with lower and upper safe limits.
Display of total run time of instrument & timer for U.V. lamp
Control of U.V. light to prevent the operator from U.V. rays as and when required.
Door sensors to switch off the UV light when door is opened.
Display of message for life of HEPA filter, U.V. light etc.

•  Mini Pleat Hepa Filter (Separator Less)


Optics Technology

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