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Optics Technology
Leak Test Apparatus


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It's the most ideal ‘LEAK TEST' instrument for checking Blister Packs and Strips. It makes the conventional dessicator with a huge vacuum pump, obsolete. The German make Vacuum Pump ensures that a high level of vacuum is created in the shortest possible time. And the die - pressed. Polycarbonate vacuum dessicator sustains the vacuum for a long time.
A vacuum gauge is provided to indicate the vacuum level. This is connected to the isolation valve which helps disconnect the source, thereby avoiding the need for running the vacuum pump continuously. A 0 – 5 minute timer helps the operator to attend to other chores at a time.


• Extremely Compact Construction
• Long Lasting, German Make Vacuum Pump
• Polycarbonate Vacuum Dessicator
• Stainless Steel (GMP) Construction
• Vacuum Level Upto 22” of Hg

Dessicator Diameter 250 mm(10") 300 mm (12")
Rating 5A 230V Single Phase 5A 230V Single Phase
Vacuum Level 22” Hg 22” Hg
Timer 5 minute ( mechanical/Digital) 5 minute ( mechanical/Digital)
Dessicator Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Body Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Optics Technology

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