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Optics Technology
I.R. Moisture Balance | Moisture Balance

Infra Red Moisture Balance

Infra Red Moisture Balance

This is very reliable and sturdy instrument for an accurate determination of moisture contents of materials which do not under go chemical change. When exposed to infrared radiation. Since drying and weighing of the sample is done simultaneously, the instrument is specially useful for substance which quickly reabsorb moisture after drying observations can be taken quickly and the results obtained are accurate. The instrument has been profitably utilized for a reliable determination of moisture contents of agricultural, soils, foods, tobacco, tea, fiber, seed, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, construction soils, liquid soap, paper, bagga's and other similar materials.

Very Sturdy, Light and Portable.
Directly calibrated in moisture percentage.
Provision for controlling temperature.
Samples from 5 grams to 25 grams can be tested.
Easy to operate.
Accuracy 0.2% by direct reading & 0.1% by estimation.
Also for liquid.

Available in capacities

Microprocessor Based Moisture Balance

• Halogen heating which is useful for removing Moisture    from entire area of the sample .
• Selection from four profiles for drying.
• User friendly Visualization display for process of drying.
• User selected Periodic completion for heating
• Simplified keys for easy programming.
• User friendly operations with selectable temperature &    time for analysis.
• Built-in RS232C Interface for PC or Printer.

Max Capacity 50 gms
Precision of readout mass 0.1mg
Precision of Readout moisture 0.01%
Repeatability (Sample 2g) 0.05%
Repeatability (Sample 10g) 0.015%
Display Information Moisture , % of dry substance, gr.
Range of temperature of drying max upto 160ºC (option to 250ºC)
Maximum time selection 9 hours 59 min
Set temperature Interval 1ºC
Software of drying Standard
Menu Language English
Transfer of data Rs232
Pan Size (mm/inch) 90mm / 3.7”
Display back lit LCD Display
Temperature of work +10ºc-+40ºc     
Tare Range full
Works ON 220-230V/50-60Hz

Microprocessor Based Moisture Balance

Digital Moisture Balance

Digital Moisture Balance is a Digital Balance suitable to determine moisture content of material that do not change their chemical structure when exposed to heat. Since drying and weighing are simultaneous, the digital moisture balance is especially useful for determining the % moisture in substances that quickly absorb moisture after drying. This moisture balance can be used as a digital weighing scale also.

Direct display of Results in %.
Temperature control with PID controller & PT-100 sensor
No need to weigh sample, means less error.
In-built programmable timer for auto switch off the heating after set time.
Audio alarm at completion of test.
Can be used as a normal digital balance with readability

Weighing capacity          50 Gms
Minimum readability         0.001 Gm
Minimum Moisture Readability    0.1% OR 0.01% selectable
Sample Pan         80 mm round
Weight / moisture display         Digital Large LCD display
Temperature control         Digital
Temperature range         Upto 150°C
Temperature Readability         0.1°C
Temperature Display         Digital LED
Audio alarm         Yes Heating time         Programmable
Heating source         Halogen lamp
Calibration of balance         External weight calibration

Digital Moisture Balance
Optics Technology

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